54th Art Biennale - La Biennale di Venezia 2011

VENUE: Palazzo Bembo




DATE: June - 27 November 2011


ORGANIZER: GlobalArtAffairs Foundation






We have previously organized exhibitions with the title: “Personal Structures”, each of our exhibitions however always shows new and different original artworks from an always changing group of artists. Therefore each of the, by us organized, exhibitions, does show the latest artistic achievements of each invited artist.


For our exhibition in Palazzo Bembo, we will dedicate 18 separate rooms on one floor, each to one artist and four additional spaces will be used to present a combination of single art works. We want to present works that create a specific atmosphere within each given space and at the same time help to build a strong statement for the exhibition as a total. The exhibition should create a more conscious relation from the viewer towards his daily surrounding and help to enlarge the spectator’s awareness for his/her Existence as a human being within a specific Space and Time. In addition, by showing different artist from various cultures it become easily clear that the formal language the artists use is personal and not universal.




The exhibition will show artworks in an extraordinary combination, but all works will be related to Time-Space-Existence. These common characteristics should provide sufficient coherence for the exhibition and at the same time allow the presentation of a wide range of individual approaches. A situation of interest should arise for the viewer. He/she is shown that related theoretical positions can lead to very different results and that very different theoretical attitudes can underlie art works that express thoughts about similar subjects.


We like to show current developments in international art and therefore we bring together an international group of artists with different cultural backgrounds and who are in different stages of their career, i.e. established artists next to artists whose oeuvre might be less known. Deciding factor is his/her individual artistic approach. Our exhibition in Venice 2011 will consist of original artworks that are no older than 2 years, are site-specific and/or come directly from  the artist’s studio.



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