Artworks are created, recognized, and exist in time and space. This seems so obvious that the actual significance of this statement is often overlooked. This is why, Time, and Space as well as Existence will be examined as themes in our publications. ”Personal Structures“, as a forum for artists working in a non-representational manner, focuses on art which favors a concentrated, but subjective, form language. Hereby, directly or indirectly, concepts of Time-Space-Existence play an important role.

Time always implicates movement or change. The way we experience, think, and perceive time is in constant flux. This also applies to artistic concepts of time: The possibilities for visualizing time using artistic means inevitably change over the course of time.

Although many have provided thoughts concerning Space, we are the opinion that even today Space is still a subject waiting to be explored. Consequently, basic artistic questions related to space and spatiality will be discussed.

Existence, in its strict philosophical sense (for example, as it is used by Heidegger and Sartre), is the “kind of being” that applies exclusively to humans. “To exist” does not merely mean to be present, but rather it is “self-design”, being open to possibilities and freedom. One’s own existence, with its particular terms and conditions, can become an artistic subject and thus, serve as model for the self-encounter of the viewer.

Our publications aim to reach all persons interested in approaching questions about Time-Space-Existence in the most honest and sincere way we all are capable of. Our publications are combinations of informative, theoretical texts, stimulating and readable interviews, and photografic documentations. The texts and artworks in our publication are geared to heighten the awareness and importance of thoughts about Time-Space-Existence in each person's life. We not only publish "regular" artbooks, but we document our Art-Projects in Special Editions and in addition, we create Art-Editions, always in close cooperation with the artists.



Personal Structures Art Projects are projects which are documented as special edition artists' books. Each project centralizes one artist and emphasises his work. All books in this series will be published by GlobalArtAffairs Foundation, the Netherlands, in cooperation with Luiscius Antiquarian Booksellers.

An exerpt of each project will aditionally be published in the ongoing series Personal Structures Time-Space-Existence.


Silver-lettered blue (Gauloises blue) cloth-covered boards (hardcover), 24 x 17,5 x 5,5 cms., 224 pp. following the conversation between Karlyn De Jongh, Sarah Gold and Sophia Thomassen (i.e. an absurdedly long theatre play), + a CD housed in a silver-lettered cloth-covered cardboard case, + an aluminum stencil, loosely inserted, all kept together in a blue silver-lettered cardboard cassette. The DELUXE EDITION numbered 1 up to 50 and signed by Lawrence Weiner. 

"One of the coldest days in the Netherlands that winter (2010), Karlyn, Sarah and Sophia visit Lawrence on his houseboat Joma. The four spend 24 hours together. Lawrence, Karlyn and Sarah have met each other a few times on different occasions; Sophia is new. The 24 hours are set up to be formed into an artist book. Even though the eventual outcome is uncertain, the four players know that the focus will be on Lawrence".


Gold-lettered red cloth cloth-covered boards (hardcover), 24 x 17,5 x 5,5 cms., 208 pp. all edges gilt, describing Nitsch's, Sarah's and Karlyn's thoughts during the 130th Aktion, + a DVD of the 130th Aktion by Hermann Nitsch, housed in a gold-lettered cloth-covered cardboard case, + a piece of bloodstained cloth originating from the 130th Aktion of the Orgien Mysterien Theater, loosely inserted, all kept together in a gold -lettered cardboard cassette. The DELUXE EDITION numbered in relief 1 up to 50 and signed by Hermann Nitsch.

In May 2010, Karlyn and Sarah were 'crucified' in Hermann Nitsch's 130th Aktion, in Naples, Italy. In the week before the actual event, they took part in the rehearsals and met Nitsch every day to talk with him about experiencing life and his Orgien Mysterien Theater. On the day of the Aktion, Karlyn and Sarah were blindfolded, naked, bound to their crosses, to feel, hear, taste and smell all that was happening to them in the Museo Hermann Nitsch.


White, white-lettered cloth-covered boards (hardcover), 24 x 17,5 x 5,5 cms. 176 pp. following the conversation between Karlyn de Jongh, Sarah Gold and Roman Opalka + a photograph of Roman Opalka painting in his studio, mounted on dibond and behind plexiglass, loosely inserted, all kept together in a white, white-lettered cardboard cassette.

On 9 June 2010 Sarah and Karlyn visited Roman Opalka in his house near Beaumont sur Sarthe, France. That day they were for almost twelve hours an active part and witness of Roman Opalka living. A detailed record of all spoken words and activities in the life of Roman on that specific place and time. Discussing, eating, painting, sleeping, walking, discussing, eating, and during these events, time has been recorded while it was passing.

Roman Opalka died on 6 August 2011.


Since the beginning of 2007, Karlyn De Jongh searched for questions to On Kawara by persons who know the artist or his work very well. This resulted in a collection of 79 questions by people from all over the world. After several attempts to present these questions to On Kawara - trying to meet him in New York, sending postcards with the questions to him and contacting some of his close friends - until the day of this publication, the questions remain unanswered.


What began with their dream that perhaps just one photo of them would be over-painted by Arnulf Rainer, resulted in a never-ending joint project. It really started when Sarah and Karlyn visited Rainer in his studio on the island Tenerife, Spain, in January 2011. After the initial ‘veil-dance’ photos, Rainer came with more and more ‘unusual requests’. From slapstick and belly dancers in Chinese negligees, it turned into SM, bondage and again developed into series of angels, opera singers, masked gods and even portraits of orgasms. The project continues to develop until today.


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