The Global Art Affairs Foundation was founded in 2002 in New York, USA. In 2009, the Foundation relocated its headquarters to Leiden, the Netherlands, with a permanent exhibition venue – “Palazzo Bembo” in Venice, Italy. In 2012, we proceeded to establish the second non-profit organization “Global Art Center Foundation (GAC)” – “Palazzo Mora” and established our academic and education institute - the European Cultural Centre. We are aiming to establish stronger academic, education and cultural partnership globally to create international cooperation and exchanges. Our main objectives are to heighten the awareness about artists and architects, becoming the leading international and intercultural platform that bridges West and East. Since 2002 the GAA-Foundation has organized 44 contemporary art exhibitions and 6 symposia in Japan, USA, Netherlands, Germany, and Italy. We extensively publish about all our enterprises in art books, journals and magazines in cooperation with universities, scholars and professionals. By all our activities, publications, exhibitions and symposia, all participating artists are in direct contact with us and actively involved.

The GAC-Foundation is registered by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Leiden as a non-profit organization under the number 56220189. The GAC-Foundation is legally advised and supported in the Netherlands, Haarlem, by notary Adriaan Helmig.

“The Global Art Affairs Foundation” and “Global Art Center Foundation” are non-profit organizations that aim to heighten the awareness about the more philosophical themes in contemporary art, in particular: Time – Space – Existence, to reflect the homogeneity and heterogeneity of experience in today’s world under a wide range of cultural, social and geographical environment. Through the curatorial theme of this exhibition, we hope to not only provide a supporting and exchanging platform between global artists, but also between the viewers and the artists. Therefore, our essential concept is to break free from the idea that arts are merely static ornaments, but they should continue to interact with the society and our everyday life. The Foundation cooperates with world museums and major art institutions. Besides working with important international contemporary artists, GAC is even more committed to seeking cooperative opportunities with organizations, universities, scholars, and artists. Our curitorial projects have been selected and approved by the Venice Biennale Committee for two consecutive years as official categories in the Collateral Events. The Foundation’s mission is to make itself the intercultural “meeting point”, where artists, artworks, and viewers across continents can share different thoughts. In addition to organizing exhibitions, the Foundation also holds artist forum, symposium, residencies programs, and extensive publications to promote cross-cultural and interdisciplinary debate.          

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